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Equinox Built Facebook App's for Cathay Pacific

Equinox recently built various Facebook Applications for Cathay Pacific.


The main goal for Cathay Pacific was to increase online sales by hosting their table of fares on Facebook utilizing the huge user base that browses Facebook on a daily basis. The second goal was to increase sign-ups to their email newsletter (eNews).


Equinox set to work, creating the applications to work as if they were hosted on the Cathay Pacific website:

  • The Fare Table is fully dynamic meaning the fares are controlled by the (Equinox Built) Cathay Pacific backend admin panel.
  • The eNews sign-up form automatically adds the new sign-ups directly into the Cathay Pacific database.
  • View the Online Fare Table in action.
  • View the eNews Sign-Up form in action.


Cathay Pacific's - Facebook App


Cathay Pacific's - Facebook App


To see the Facebook App's in action, visit the CathayPacificUS or CathayPacificCA on Facebook.



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