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New Equinox Sites Launched!

Just in time to showcase what has become a busy and exciting 2010, Equinox Design has released newly designed websites for both arms of the "Equinox" business., representing "Equinox Software Design Corporation", is the first major facelift to Equinox's flagship website since 2003.


The fresh online presence now offers visitors a more modern visual appearance and improved navigational experience in presenting information on the company's products and services such as the Control Room Operations Window (CROW) - a fully integrated best-of-breed enterprise-class application that streamlines, strengthens, and integrates grid operations business processes such as outage scheduling; planned outage coordination; control room operator logging, reporting, and notification; and reliability analysis., representing "Equinox Online Design & Marketing", is a new portfolio site which has been launched to showcase the work completed by Equinox Design for their past and present clients such as Cathay Pacific, Air North - Yukon's Airline, and Alaskan Airlines.



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